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Dine & Dance

Start your weekend in style with a Dine & Dance arrangement!

Escape Club is famous for its great clubnights. They can be even greater when you book a Dine & Dance arrangement! Enjoy the fine atmosphere at Escape Caffé with a three course menu. After a cup of coffee or a glass of Cava on the house you will be guided to Escape Club. Of course you don't need to get in the queue because VIP entrance is included. A Dine & Dance Ticket costs 40 euro with club entrance included and starts at 20.30 hrs.

The arrangement can be booked on Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Reserve now by clicking the Dine & Dance Tickets button. For group reservations please contact Don't forget to give the date, time, amount of people and a phone number.

The price may be adjusted at special events. Dine & Dance tickets cannot be combined with ladytickets.

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