Entrance policy

1. You must be at least 21 years and in case of doubt, you are obliged to show an ID.

2. Our guests should have a groomed appearance. For example: no sportswear or trainers; no broken clothes; no obscene clothing; no caps; no dirty clothes and untended appearance.

3. Upon behaviour, that is perceived as harassing, threatening, intimidated or unwanted by other visitors or our employees, entrance can be denied. Should this happen in the location you can be given a warning or you will be removed from the venue. By removal, you will be denied access in the future.

4. We reserve the right to refuse groups larger than 4 people.

5. Upon specific theme nights, a dress code can apply. This will be announced on flyers, posters and on the website. When you do not meet the dress code, entrance could be refused.

6. In Escape it is strictly forbidden to have, to use and/or deal drugs. All guests can be checked at all time when visiting Escape. With evidence of violation, guests will be removed and a local ban will apply immediately. At all times, the police can be notified.

7. It is strictly forbidden to have, in the broadest sense of the word, weapons inside Escape. When there is a suspicion, to the exclusive judgement of the management of Escape, of threat to health hazard, safety and / or danger to the public order, all items will be taken in and entrance will be refused.

8. Entrance will be refused when guests have backpacks, suitcases or bags larger then A4 format.

9. It is not allowed to bring in food & beverages.

10. Guests are required to undergo a security check at the entrance of Escape. In case of refusal, access will be denied to Escape.

11. Should the security suspect that the guest is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the guest may be denied access to Escape.

12. When it is too busy in Escape or when a special invitation policy applies, we reserve the right to refuse entrance.

House rules

1. We expect our visitors to be positive and have a tolerant attitude towards other guests and our employees during their stay in Escape, regardless of their origin, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion and age.

2. Guests who are sick (under the influence of alcohol or drugs), misbehaving, harassing, threatening, intimidated or have any other unwanted behaviour, will be removed from the location and will not be compensated.

3. Using the cloakroom is obliged. Jackets, coats, helmets and shoulder bags (if allowed, see point 8 of entrance policy) need to be stored in the cloakroom.

4. It is not allowed to smoke in Escape, with the exception of the smoking lounges on the first floor. Violations of this rule, can result in a penalty and guests can be removed from Escape. Official penalties can be charged to the offender.

5. In emergency circumstances you should ALWAYS follow the instructions from the staff.

6. The management accepts no responsibility for any injury and/or missing or damaged goods.

Cloakroom rules

1. Use of the cloakroom is at the user's own risk. Part 9 of Book 7 of the Civil Code relating to "custody" does not apply to the agreements between Escape BV and users of the cloakroom.

2. For use of the cloakroom a fixed price is set of € 2,- per item, to be paid cash. Accepted items are jackets, coats, bags, helmets and umbrellas. These or similar items cannot be taken inside, except for purses or small handbags. Items with a value of € 150,- or more should not be placed in custody. Escape does not take any responsibility for damage, loss or missing of items with a value that exceeds € 150,-.

3. Turned in jackets, coats and bags have to be free of content. Any content of coats, jackets and bags do not fall under the custody and responsibility of Escape.

4. Escape is entitled to check the content of the turned in items. Escape reserves the right to refuse items that are too valuable, too large or unusual items or items with (possible) prohibited, dangerous or suspicious contents. The customer indemnifies Escape from damages caused by the (contents of) the turned in items.

5. For every turned in item one receipt will be provided. Return of items is only possible with the presentation of the receipt to the cloakroom employee. This also applies to the temporary return of items. With the temporary return a new receipt has to be issued again, against payment of
€ 2,- per item.

6. If you lose your receipt Escape will, after closing or at the end of the event, do all efforts to find the item. If no receipt can be shown, Escape is not liable in any way for the consequences.

7. Obviously Escape will try to secure and monitor all items that have been placed in custody. Escape cannot guarantee that the items will be returned at all times, nor guarantee that they are returned in the same (undamaged) state.

8. The user is obliged to collect the items handed in at the cloakroom before leaving Escape. If the items are not collected before the end of the closing of the cloakroom and at least before the time that the monitoring of the cloakroom ends, the liability of Escape stops due to the absence of supervision and the accessibility of the cloakroom by third parties. Claims the day after the event will not be processed.

9. Any damage must be reported to the cloakroom staff immediately on the same evening or immediately upon return of the items. If it appears that an item cannot be returned on the evening itself, management must be notified immediately. Management will provide you with proof that you can claim a compensation of up to € 150,-.

10. Escape is not liable for damages to the user items, except for damage caused by intent or gross negligence of Escape or its employees. Liability for indirect or consequential damages is excluded. Liability of Escape is always limited to € 150,- per deposited item (including its contents).