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Welcome to Escape Amsterdam, the epitome of nightlife entertainment and exhilarating experiences. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant city, Escape Amsterdam is a legendary venue that has set the standard for exceptional club nights and unforgettable memories.

With a rich history spanning decades, Escape Amsterdam continues to push boundaries and captivate party enthusiasts from around the world. Our state-of-the-art facilities, world-class DJs, and immersive atmosphere create the perfect setting for an unparalleled nightlife adventure.

Step into a realm where music pulsates through your veins, where the dance floor becomes an extension of your soul, and where every moment is filled with electrifying energy. Our lineup of renowned artists and cutting-edge sound systems ensures that each night at Escape Amsterdam is a journey you won't soon forget.

Whether you're seeking a night of dancing, live performances, themed events, or exclusive VIP experiences, Escape Amsterdam has it all. Immerse yourself in our multi-level venue, featuring distinct areas, each with its own unique ambiance and musical style.

Join us and discover why Escape Amsterdam is hailed as a beacon of Amsterdam's thriving nightlife scene. Get ready to unleash your inner party spirit, create lifelong memories, and be part of an extraordinary clubbing experience.

Escape Amsterdam: Where the extraordinary becomes reality.


Escape Club, Escape deLux and the Royal Room can be rented for different (business) purposes, like dance events, club nights, student parties, private parties, business parties with full catering (dinner, buffet, walking dinners, snacks) live music, stand-up comedy, product presentations, seminars, (business) meetings, etc.

With the rent of the location we provide a full service package containing serving personell, bartender, energy costs, cleaning costs, light and sound facilities. The surface of the locations varies from 140 m2 till 800m2. The capacity of the locations are:
Escape Club 1.500
Escape deLux 300
Royal Room 250

If you are interested be aware that we have a weekly club night in Escape Club on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Only for huge commercial purposes these evenings are discussable. The smaller locations do have availability on these days. We also have a licence for day time events!

For more information you can contact the office on Please mention your contact details as address, phone number, in which date you are interested and in which location.

Contact details office:
Opening hours: Monday till Friday from 09.00 till 17.00 hours
Escape B.V.
Drieharingstraat 6
3511 BJ Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0)30 2311577
Fax: +31 (0)30 2340919


• Kramer Matrix/Patch/Routing/Switcher.
• Hippotizer V4 Media Server.
• 1x Media Player (for all screens).
• LED Wall 4m2 IP04 DJ Booth.
• LED Wall 40m2 IP10 Back Main.
• LED Wall 80m2 IP10 Sigments Grid/Wall.
• 22x LG Screens 32 to 50inch.

• Flying pig RoadHog 4 Full Boar with 2 expension wings.
• 18x Infinity S401 Spot.
• 24x Showtec Expression 5000 Wash.
• 24x Infinity IB-2R Beam.
• 8x Infinity IB-3R Beam.
• 8x Infinity IW-1915 Wash.
• 18x Coemar RGB Ledstrip.
• 9x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe.
• 2x12ch Zero88 dimmerpacks.
• 2x ACL/Aircraft set.
• 2x 2kw Fresnell with Barndoorns.
• 6x ETC Source-4 32• 575w.
• 4x Chandelier.
• 4x Magic FX C02 Jet.
• 6x Shotbase.
• 1x Smoke machine.
• 1x MDG hazer.

• 1x Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus2.
• 4x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus2.
• 2x Sennheiser E835 Wireless mic.
• 2x Sennheiser XSW Wireless mic.
• 2x RCF TT2-A monitor speaker.
• Argos DB meter/ Display..
• Argos Limiter: Club Sound Max 104 Dba.
• 1x QSC Touchmix-30 Pro.
• 8x RCF TT+ Main top speakers.
• 8x RCF TT+ Main subs.
• 4x RCF TT2-A, Cage Infill.
• 2x RCF TT2-A, Stage Infill.
• 4x RCF TT1-A, Balcony Infill.
• 2x RCF TT1-A, Upperdeck Infill.
• 1x RCF AX 8042 automixer + software.

• 200/20 Mbit cable internet
• ADSL redundancy lines
• WIFI hotspots with guest access


Entrance policy

1. Minimum age on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is 18 years.

2. Minimum age for men on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is 21 years, minimum age for ladies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is 18 years

3. If requested by security, management or employee showing your ID is mandatory. No official ID, is no entrance.

4. Our guests should have a groomed appearance. For example: no sportswear or trainers; no broken clothes; no obscene clothing; no caps; no men bags, no dirty clothes and untended appearance.

5. Upon behaviour, that is perceived as harassing, threatening, intimidated or unwanted by other visitors or our employees, entrance can be denied. Should this happen in the location you can be given a warning or you will be removed from the venue. By removal, you will be denied access in the future.

6. We reserve the right to refuse groups larger than 4 people.

7. Upon specific theme nights, a dress code can apply. This will be announced on flyers, posters and on the website. When you do not meet the dress code, entrance could be refused.

8. In Escape it is strictly forbidden to have, to use and/or deal drugs. All guests can be checked at all time when visiting Escape. With evidence of violation, guests will be removed and a local ban will apply immediately. At all times, the police can be notified.

9. It is strictly forbidden to have, in the broadest sense of the word, weapons inside Escape. When there is a suspicion, to the exclusive judgement of the management of Escape, of threat to health hazard, safety and / or danger to the public order, all items will be taken in and entrance will be refused.

10. Entrance will be refused when guests have backpacks, suitcases or bags larger then A4 format.

11. It is not allowed to bring in food & beverages.

12. Guests are required to undergo a security check at the entrance of Escape. In case of refusal, access will be denied to Escape.

13. Should the security suspect that the guest is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the guest may be denied access to Escape.

14. When it is too busy in Escape or when a special invitation policy applies, we reserve the right to refuse entrance.

House rules

1. We expect our visitors to be positive and have a tolerant attitude towards other guests and our employees during their stay in Escape, regardless of their origin, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion and age.

2. Guests who are sick (under the influence of alcohol or drugs), misbehaving, harassing, threatening, intimidated or have any other unwanted behaviour, will be removed from the location and will not be compensated.

3. Using the cloakroom is obliged. Jackets, coats, helmets and shoulder bags (if allowed, see point 8 of entrance policy) need to be stored in the cloakroom.

4. It is not allowed to smoke in Escape, with the exception of an area on the first floor. Violations of this rule, can result in a penalty and guests can be removed from Escape. Official penalties can be charged to the offender.

5. In emergency circumstances you should ALWAYS follow the instructions from the staff.

6. The management accepts no responsibility for any injury and/or missing or damaged goods.

When guests are refused at the door or removed from the location due to one of the circumstances of the entrance policy or house rules there will be no refund or compensation.

Lockers rules

1. Use of the cloakroom lockers is entirely at the user's own risk. Part 9 of Book 7 of the Civil Code relating to "custody" does not apply to the agreements between Escape BV and users of the cloakroom lockers.

2. A fixed price of € 5,00 is charged for the small lockers and € 10,00 is charged for the large lockers. Escape reserves the right to make price changes. Only jackets, bags, helmets and umbrellas are accepted as items. These or similar items cannot be taken inside. Escape B.V. is under no circumstances liable for items placed in the locker.

3. If the use of the cloakroom locker has been obtained through fraud, without payment or without Escape's permission, the user remains responsible for payment of the rent of this locker.

4. The content of lockers and any content of jackets and bags do not fall under the custody and responsibility of Escape.

5. The user is at all times responsible for the correct locking of the locker.

6. Escape is entitled to check the content of the locker. Escape reserves the right to refuse to keep valuable, too large or unusual items or items with a (possibly) prohibited, dangerous or questionable content. The user indemnifies Escape from damage caused by the (contents of) the items placed in custody by the user.

7. The lockers must be emptied during the indicated opening hours of Escape Club, at least immediately after the event, or at least after the period for which you have rented the locker. The objects will be returned to the person who can transfer or enter the key/pin code of the relevant locker. So don't lose this!

8. If the key or PIN code is lost or unusable, the objects will only be handed over if you can prove that you are entitled. Items will be returned to you after the event ends at the earliest.

9. The user is obliged to empty the locker before leaving Escape. In case the items are not collected before the end of the event, Escape's liability ends. A reclamation request must be made by e-mail to Collection can only take place during openings times or if possible, at a time to be agreed.

10. Damage caused to a locker, goods, items, materials in and/or around the different locker areas will be recovered from the damage maker/damage causer.

Management Escape


The ticketprices for our events are shown excluding ticket fees. By clicking on one of the ticket buttons on an event page, you will be redirected to our ticket service, where you will immediately see the total ticket price including fee(s).

If something in the order process goes wrong (like payments), please contact the ticket provider Fairtix.

As soon as the event has started, as stated in the term of use, tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be changed for other tickets.

We apply the following conditions for booked and paid table service arrangements
- It is possible to cancel or change the reservation free of charge up to 7 days before the reservation.
- We charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the costs of the reservation if the reservation is cancelled within 7 days until 24 hours before the event.
- There will be no refund if the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours before the event.
- In case of a no show there will be no refund. If the reservation is not present after 02.00 am, the reservation will be considered as a no show.
- Refusal at the door due to non-conforming with the entrance rules or direct removal from the location due to violation of the house rules and / or those who accompany him, there will be no refund.
- If someone of the group misbehave him/herself, we have the right to remove the whole group directly from the location and there will be no refund.
- When a table is booked and paid on the evening at the door by debit card or credit card there will be no refund.


The content of this website is in no way legally binding. The content of this website is regularly changed. Escape BV is not liable for incorrect or incomplete information on this website. Use of this site is at your own risk. Escape BV is in no way responsible for any damages whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from the use of (the contents of) this website.

At most events photographs are taken and video footage is filmed for promotional purposes and publication on this website and social media pages of Escape BV. By visiting Escape you are complying that you might be photographed or filmed. In case of a portrait, permission will be asked by the photographer or videographer and the visitor has the right to refuse. Overview photos in Escape will be taken without permission, since there is no portrait right involved. Escape BV is not liable for (emotional) damages resulting from the publication of photographs and / or film material on this website.

Changes in prices and (entry) times are reserved.


The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) apply to Escape. These are the terms and conditions on which catering establishments set up in the Netherlands, such as hotels, restaurants, bars and related businesses. You can download these conditions here:


We aim to take great care of your security. Escape works with well trained security people and security cameras are mounted all over the building. Above all emergency exits you will notice emergency lights, that will guide you to your rescue path at all times. In the building you will also find floorplans at several places. Please take time to study them when visiting Escape. An example of such plan is found below.

Download floorplan (PDF)