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Business / Rental

Escape Club, Escape deLux, Escape Studio and Escape Lounge can be rented for different (business) purposes, like dance events, club nights, student parties, private parties, business parties with full catering (dinner, buffet, walking dinners, snacks) live music, stand-up comedy, product presentations, seminars, (business) meetings, etc.

With the rent of the location we provide a full service package containing serving personell, bartender, energy costs, cleaning costs, light and sound facilities. The surface of the locations varies from 140 m2 till 800m2. The capacity of the locations are:
Escape Club 1.500
Escape deLux 300
Royal Room 250

If you are interested be aware that we have a weekly club night in Escape Club on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Only for huge commercial purposes these evenings are discussable. The smaller locations do have availability on these days. We also have a licence for day time events!

For more information you can contact the office on Please mention your contact details as address, phone number, in which date you are interested and in which location.

Contact details office:
Escape B.V.
Drieharingstraat 6
3511 BJ Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0)30 2311577
Fax: +31 (0)30 2340919


• Kramer Matrix/Patch/Routing/Switcher.
• Hippotizer V4 Media Server.
• 1x Media Player (for all screens).
• LED Wall 4m2 IP04 DJ Booth.
• LED Wall 40m2 IP10 Back Main.
• LED Wall 80m2 IP10 Sigments Grid/Wall.
• 22x LG Screens 32 to 50inch.

• Flying pig RoadHog 4 Full Boar with 2 expension wings.
• 18x Infinity S401 Spot.
• 24x Showtec Expression 5000 Wash.
• 24x Infinity IB-2R Beam.
• 8x Infinity IB-3R Beam.
• 8x Infinity IW-1915 Wash.
• 18x Coemar RGB Ledstrip.
• 9x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe.
• 2x12ch Zero88 dimmerpacks.
• 2x ACL/Aircraft set.
• 2x 2kw Fresnell with Barndoorns.
• 6x ETC Source-4 32• 575w.
• 4x Chandelier.
• 4x Magic FX C02 Jet.
• 6x Shotbase.
• 1x Smoke machine.
• 1x MDG hazer.

• 1x Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus2.
• 4x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus2.
• 2x Sennheiser E835 Wireless mic.
• 2x Sennheiser XSW Wireless mic.
• 2x RCF TT2-A monitor speaker.
• Argos DB meter/ Display..
• Argos Limiter: Club Sound Max 104 Dba.
• 1x QSC Touchmix-30 Pro.
• 8x RCF TT+ Main top speakers.
• 8x RCF TT+ Main subs.
• 4x RCF TT2-A, Cage Infill.
• 2x RCF TT2-A, Stage Infill.
• 4x RCF TT1-A, Balcony Infill.
• 2x RCF TT1-A, Upperdeck Infill.
• 1x RCF AX 8042 automixer + software.

• 200/20 Mbit cable internet
• ADSL redundancy lines
• WIFI hotspots with guest access