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Escape in August

A big shout out to all of you who came out and partied, danced and celebrated the summer with us.

But the summer hasn’t ended yet! The party just keeps on going and the next 30 nights will be epic! Bringing you an amazing, eclectic mix of music styles, building up to our legendary weekends. Take it from us, you haven't really seen Amsterdam till you've visited the only club in Amsterdam that is open 7 days a week!

Tickets for our events can be ordered online or at the door. Want to go the extra mile?

Here’s to making more memories together!

Sometimes, Mondays are a pain in the ass. Not in Escape though! In Escape, Mondays are Epic. With the best urban beats brought to you by DJ Kelly Ross it must be the best start of the week, considering we party every day!

What’s even better then one of Amsterdam’s favorite mid week night out? Two of them! Not only on Wednesday but during 60 days of Summer Hotspot sets your Tuesday on fire as well! With a mix of urban and dance music there is absolutely always a chance for you to dance and a way to have an amazing night out in the craziest party town in the world!

Thursdays at Escape
Thursday, the unofficial start the weekend is quite frankly one of our favorite nights. The music is eclectic, it goes from R&B to House to EDM and back, it’s just a crazy night out! Our guys Jethro Galung, Ryan Benoir, Mc Yanto and many more will make sure you start your weekend properly!

House Rules
Our Fridays are very loud and very clear; It’s all about House Music! With our team of artists lead by our Resident DJ and Music Director Raymundo we step up our game every week in order for you to get your mind blown by the best of the past and today’s biggest house hits. Boys and girls like Troj, The Boy Next Door, Miss Sugaware, Saxy mr S. and many many more will play there best tunes or give there best during their live performance. Are you ready to funk?

Just imagine, you are in Amsterdam in summer. Spent your day on a lovely boat on the canals, had dinner in one of the amazing restaurants in town and wondered around the little streets of the ‘9 straatjes’ did some shopping and then when darkness falls, your inner party heart comes alive; you want to go out, you want the best clubbing experience you’ve ever had, you want everything you thought of when thinking about Amsterdam. That’s exactly what Brainwash on Escape’s Saturday night is all about; the best bigroom and EDM tunes, blasting special effects, a booming VIP area and a room filled with crazy party people. Are you ready for some real Amsterdam?

After all the banging hard beats of Thursday, Friday and Saturday it’s time to slow it down a bit! The smoothest hip hop and R&B so you can show your moves on the dance floor! As we are opened 7 days a week during summer there is not really a reason not to go out on one (or more) of these days; we party every day!