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Escape in May

Oh yes, the temperatures get higher and higher and the first summer like days have passed already and we survived Easter and our magical Kingsday, it’s time to focus on the crazy nights and look forward to summer. Here’s what we have planned for you!

By the way, did you know, on our Friday and Saturday nights you can purchase a skip the line ticket which gives you VIP entrance tickets? Check it out!

Thursdays at Escape
The perfect start of your weekend, that’s what our Thursday night is. With a smooth and eclectic mix of urban and dance music it’s always something you would like. This makes our message very clear: Start your weekend the way you will spend the rest of it, partying!

House Rules
In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove. And from this groove came the grooves of all grooves. And while one day vicously throwing down on his box Jack boldly declared, ‘’let there be house’’. And house music was born.

On Fridays, we celebrate the music of this amazing groove, every single week! Get ready to party!

Want to go just that little bit extra?

The country, the city, the club, the night; the best you will ever get is a Saturday night spent in Amsterdam. The speakers pump the greatest Big Room beats, the dance floor is filled with amazing party people and in the booth our team of musicians will make your head go crazy. Special effects fly around your head and all you want to do is dance!

It's Sunday, you have had an amazing weekend but you still feel like going out? No problem, it's Juice to the rescue! With the best HIPHOP and R&B music ever made we make turn it down a little after the mad Saturday and Sunday but still put on the right party vibe. So, get ready to finish your weekend properly on Sunday!

Want to go a little extra?

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