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Escape in November

Wow, what a run to the end of the years it was. With a crazy ADE in October, an amazing Christmas, booming NYE and all the crazy nights in between, autumn has been one big crazy party!

So, after all this madness, there is only on thing to do; make our club so crazy it feels like the holidays every single day we open our doors.

Here is what we have planned for you!

Thirsty Thursdays
With the week almost over, Thursdays are the first little sneak peak of the weekend. As we don’t want to start to rough, on Thursdays you can enjoy the best and latest Hip Hop and R&B ever made! So get ready, dress up and get messed up!

House Rules
Our message on Friday nights is clear; we play the best House Music and you dance the night away! With our resident DJ and Music Director Raymundo in charge, his team of boys and girls of many talents will bring you the best of the best when it comes to House Music. So, Friday Night, the best House Music, the best city, the best club in town!

A club with an international vibe like Escape that can be placed all around the world needs 1 thing; the best Big room Beats on Saturday night. A perfect combination of House and EDM, a world class light show and the purest club sound banging from the speakers will get your brain washed (see what we did there? ;-) )

About our Sunday night we can be short and sweet. The Juice residents play the best, smoothest, sexyest Hip Hop and R&B ever made and you show the best dance moves you have in store! So on Sunday we turn it down a notch so you are ready for the new week ahead!

Want to go the extra mile on any of our events?

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