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Escape in June

When I met you in the summer To my heartbeat sound, the club was on fire! Wow, what a summer we are having so far. The temperatures outside are high and the tempratures in the club are at an all time height! Here’s what we have planned for you in June!


The hottest Wednesday night you’d ever had is back! After a winter break it’s time to bring back the hottest Hip Hop and R&B beats in order for you to start your weekend in the middle of the week! We can’t stop, we won’t stop!

Thirsty Thursdays
On Thursdays, the tradition is simple; the coolest kids in town gather to start their weekend properly. Get ready to shine, be cool and get completely messed up. The best in R&B and Hip Hop will be played and you get the ultimate chance on the best night out you’d ever had!

House Rules
The pinnacle of Amsterdam’s dance scene is and will always be House Music. Our Fridays are a tribute to this, played by the most talented artists in the country under supervision of our resident DJ Raymundo. Get ready to put your hands in the air and dance the night away on the best house beats from the past and current hit records!

When you’re in the best city in the world, on the best night of the week, there’s only one thing to do; visit the best club in town. Our legendary Saturday night is all about you forgetting the sorrows of your daily life and simply dance the night away. With the best big room beats you ever heard. So to summarize; if you want the best international club experience in the country, Brainwash is there for you!

How to finish your weekend properly? Slow it down a notch on the best hip hop and R&B and show your skills on the dancefloor of course! Get ready to make it smooth and dance it off!