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Escape in February

So, the start of 2019 was epic. Filled dancefloors full of smiling faces and the best artists in the country. In the month of love, valentine February we are planning to go even more mad. Are you ready?

Thirsty Thursdays
To start the party week properly, we play you the best hip hop and R&B ever made so you can show the crazy moves you have. Let’s Jam into the weekend!

House Rules
Year in year out, the music industry changes into new flows and habits. For those of you who appreciate the past and the future of the most iconic music streams of all time, House Music, Friday is your night. The team leaded by our resident Raymundo will play the best house music ever made to make you dance the night away. Isn’t that the best Friday you can imagine?

If you are in the best country in the world, visiting the best city in the world on the best night of the week, what would you be looking for? The hottest club in town obviously! As Raymundo and his crew of crazy artists will play you the best EDM and big room beats you’ve ever heard. Want to go a little bit extra?

To make the circle round, we finish the weekend the way we started it. With the best urban music we know we will smoothly finish the weekend. And then the most important thing starts; looking forward to the next weekend that’s coming up!

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