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Escape in March

When you think nightlife in Amsterdam slows down a bit in February you are completely wrong! It was an amazing month full of crowded nights and happy faces.

As we approach spring we won’t let you down when it comes to funky music, great service and an amazing crowd, here’s what we have planned for you guys!

That leaves us with telling what you can expect in February, here we go!

Big Night Out
To start the weekend early, we invite the boys and girls of Big Night Out every Thursday to turn the place upside down. Crazy special effects, the best eclectic mix of house music and the best current hits and just all round madness makes the perfect way to start your weekend in the craziest way possible!

House Rules
Musical flows are a strange thing, one moment we are all listening to Hip Hop and R&B, the next moment we want the crazy ass EDM beats banging out of our car stereo. One musical flavor on the pallet always stays where it is though, that flavor is house music and it’s the base we have when it comes to the music in the club. On Friday nights we show our love and appreciation for this time of endless growing, amazing sounding music. It’s all about the Real House Music!

The title says it al, just dance the night away, forget your weekly issues and just live your life. That is what Brainwash is all about. The best Big Room beats combined with the most insane nightclub experience Amsterdam offers. Awarded VIP area that gives the best service you would deserve as a VIP guest. Got interested? Visit us now!

The best way to finish your weekend in the best way possible, with the smoothest eclectic beats we know! After a weekend of full on madness it’s good to slow the pace down a bit and prepare you for the week that is ahead! Are you ready for it?